INTRODUCING HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL (what you need to know and why you should join)

H2i is An international NGO for touching lives of less privileged and empowering people globally. This organisation was introduced to Nigeria Dec. 2013 by Dr. Timothy Adeghe that was the pre-launching activities. May 31st 2013,

H2I was officially launched in Nigeria and first car award was celebrated when 4 qualifiers were given Hyundai Elantra and Nigeria became the African Regional Head office at President Goodluck Jonathan Housing Estate, Behind Egbeda Police station, Isheri Road. Lagos. Nigeria.

On 6 Dec. 2014, H2I had their one year anniversary and celebration of success when 26 Hyundai Elantra were awarded to qualifiers. That made the total numbers of 30 Hyundai Elantra freely given out by H2I within a year of activities.  Be our partners in progress and be empowered to touch lives and make positive changes around you. Helping Hands International is an NGO committed to eradicate poverty and put smiles onto the faces of the less privileged.

 Its an empowerment scheme that has multi-dimensional targets. But some of the core areas of targets and empowerments scheme are:

  1. Help to the less privileged (Orphans, Widows and Handicapped)
  2. Gives free interest and non-collateral loan to the partners in order to enhance their businesses
  3. Give free skill acquisition and intensive business training to partners and employ partners who are professional in any skill for salary
  4. Give scholarship award and funds to partners in order to ensure quality education for partners children
  5. Assets and property acquisition support services
  6. Offers wonderful co-operative club for any interested partners

Other financial benefits and incentives to partners are as follows;

(i) 1st and 2nd Hyundai car and Jeep awards

(ii) Free Ipad or Laptop awardfacebook-20150112-004920 IMG-20150109-WA000 IMG-20150112-WA007 IMG-20150113-WA000 IMG-20150129-WA002 IMG-20150201-WA001 IMG-20150201-WA003 IMG-20150204-WA000

(iii) Free exotic international vacation

(iv) Yearly infinity bonus

(v) Daily, weekly and monthly financial benefits

Therefore, the three core projects of Helping Hands are:

  1. Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans and hadicapped)
  2. Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members)
  3. Passive and Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members

NOTE: The core value of Helping Hands partners is reaching out to the needy and to wipe away poverty from our people. Helping Hands Empowerment scheme is practical for the following categories of people:

  1. Ordinary people who are determined to succeed and achieve greatness to become extra-ordinary
  2. Employees, self-employed, low income earners, businessmen, unemployed graduates and unskilled labourers who is        determined to change their financial struggles for better
  3. The retired but not tired who still desire to make a difference
  4. The rich that desire to obey scripture in touching lives and empowering the poor 5. Everyone who is tired of interests and bank loan. Who are also willing, determined to relocate from financial hardship to the world of financial freedom.

ALSO NOTE THESE: This scheme is an empowerment scheme. Because it was born out of passion to get rid of poverty and financial hardship among our partners and to touch the lives of the less privileged and not to extort money from the weak and give to the strong.  Partners are empowered to touch lives of the poor and strengthened the weak.

Helping Hands does not involve in the following:

  • Hawking or selling of products
  • Special training or educational qualification to become a partner
  • Monthly activities of activeness
  • Huge start up capital and repayment of partners renewal
  • Monthly target of promotion or demotion
  • Running up and down for money to buy a position
  • Borrowing money from banks to maintain position

You are only to partner with us with just one life time donation of $40 (N6,600) for touching the lives of the less privileged and give you full access to all of those benefits earlier mentioned above. GTBANK, Diamond Bank, GLO, Apple and Hyundai Motors are Proud Partners of Helping Hands International ( H2i).

For more information please  Call/Whatsapp 08160143365, BBM Pin: 2A5EF2AF or visit


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