Court stops execution of soldiers convicted for mutiny

A Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja has stayed the execution of the death sentences passed on two of the twelve Nigerian soldiers court-marshalled by the Army authorities last September,

The soldiers were tried under the General Court Marshal which sat at the Army Headquarters Garrison, Mogadishu Cantonment in Abuja,  on sundry allegations of offences ranging from attempts to commit offence, disobedience to particular order, insubordination, false accusation criminal behavior, conspiracy to commit mutiny and mutiny under the Armed Forces Act 2004.

All the twelve soldiers who stood trial before the General Court Marshal were convicted on 15th September 2014 variously sentenced to life imprisonment and death for the respective charges following the trial which commenced earlier on last July.

Three of the convicted soldiers, CPL Stephen Clement, CPL Igomu Emmanuel and PTE Andrew Ngbede, however approached the appellate court to challenge the decision of the Court Marshal which convicted and sentenced them to life imprisonment and death.


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