MEMORISE : And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the

cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I

sent among you. JOEL 2 : 25.

READ : 2 KINGS 6 : 1 – 7.

1 AND the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we

dwell with thee is too strait for us.

2 Let us go, we pray thee, unto Jordan, and take thence every man a beam, and

let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go ye.

3 And one said, Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants. And he

answered, I will go.

4 So he went with them. And when they came to Jordan, they cut down wood.

5 But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water: and he cried, and

said, Alas, master! for it was borrowed.

6 And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he shewed him the place. And he cut

down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim.

7 Therefore said he, Take it up to thee. And he put out his hand, and took it.


In our Scripture reading today, we see someone felling a tree by the riverside and

the axe head been used falling into River Jordan. Thank God for His power that

located the axe head and brought it back up for the user to complete his project.

There are people who have lost very precious things in their lives. With God, there

is nothing lost that cannot be recovered miraculously. To recover means to find

something you once lost. There are people who have suffered partial loss and

there others who have suffered total loss. No matter the type of loss you have

suffered, The Almighty God will restore them to you in Jesus’ Name. In Mark 5 : 25

– 34, the woman with issue of blood lost a lot. She lost her health because she had

been in that situation for long. She lost her wealth because she had spent all she

had, trying to get help from physicians . She lost her peace because when there is

absence of good health and wealth, frustration can set in and this leads to

depression. But by the time she met Jesus, everything she had lost was restored

back to her. For a user of this devotional, whatever good thing you have lost will

be recovered instantly in Jesus’ Name.

Samson is an example of someone who suffered partial loss ( Judge 16 : 21 – 27 ).

As a result of his carelessness, he lost his eyes to the enemy. Even though his

hair grew back, blindness remained in his life. By that Name that is above every

other name, which is Jesus, every reminder of lost in your life is terminated in

Jesus’Name. Everything you have lost; financially, physically, in your marriage

and career-wise shall be fully recovered in Jesus’ Name. Another interesting

story that shows God’s ability to return whatever one has lost is found in Daniel

4 : 28 – 37. It is a story about King Nebuchadnezzar. This king became so proud

that he refused to acknowledge God as source of his achievements. In a bid to

humble him and teach him that man cannot achieve anything without God, God

caused him to loose his kingdom. He also suffered the loss of sanity, humanity,

dignity, glory and honour. In fact , for a period of 7years, he was not different

from animals. Miraculously though, all through those years of his wilderness

experience, nobody replaced him on the throne. The Lord kept his position intact

until his training was over. Testimonies abound to show the fact than an

opportunity was lost does not mean it cannot be regained. As long as God is in the

equation. He can reverse the irreversible. He can suspend law and principles to

make a point in your life. That is why those who think they have seen your end are

in for a shocker. It is important that we always appreciate what we have so that

we don’t lose it. If you have lost your peace of mind due to backsliding, you have

to repent of those sins and confess the Lordship of Jesus. If you do these, you

will become a new person and experience the time of refreshing from the Almighty



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