Election: PDP can’t overturn people’s will – Segun Oni

The Deputy National Chairman (South) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Segun Oni, has warned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against making attempts to subvert the sovereign will of the people at the fast-approaching general election.

Oni who urged Nigerians to be vigilant in the few days ahead warned against any move to sabotage the use of Smart Card Readers to accredit voters at the election.

The former Governor of Ekiti State declared that nobody can change the rule of the game any longer noting that Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has gained the confidence of Nigerians in its resolve to organize a free, fair transparent and credible poll.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily, a CHANNELS Television breakfast programme on Tuesday which was monitored in Ado-Ekiti, Oni said Nigerians can see desperation of the PDP-led Federal Government in making subterranean moves to override the people’s sovereignty by sheer wickedness.

The APC chief revealed that his party has information on alleged plots by the PDP to sabotage the deployment of smart card readers which he believes would add credibility to the electoral process.

Oni argued that Nigerians don’t have to wait before information becomes reality saying there is nothing wrong in raising alarm over unconstitutional acts capable of throwing the country into chaos.

When asked on the possibility of forcing INEC to allow voters to vote with their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) without using card readers, Oni said Nigerians are seeing the hands of the “unseen manipulator.”

Oni said: “Nigerians a seeing the hands of the unseen manipulator, I hope it never happens. Let us see what the sovereign will of the people will do.

“We want to believe that it can’t happen, that cannot happen. If in a football match after 75 minutes, the referee now says that if you kick an opponent in the centre circle and the referee points to the penalty spot, will that game continue?

“Nobody can change the rule of this game any longer. Nobody should attempt to change it, we are ready and every situation must be ready to play by the rule of the game.

“I believe we can go ahead with the election but we can encourage INEC to do whatever it can. PVCs was used in Ekiti State without the add reader and over 50 per cent of the people voted.

“We are never going to get 100 per cent of PVCs collection but my appeal to Nigerians is that let us go into the election with what we get.”

Responding to another question on why he left PDP, Oni said he quit the ruling party because people of questionable characters are being elevated in the party while people of integrity are being relegated.

Oni said further: “They have promoted those who they will never want to identify with. I cannot align my conscience with some things that are happening in PDP.

“I cannot do anything that I won’t be proud of, that my children cannot be proud of. I became the National Vice Chairman (Southwest) of the PDP; I discovered that the party was derailing.

“I can’t recommend my (state) governor to my children as a role model. Anybody that I can’t recommend to my children as a role model, I can’t recommend such a person to my state.”

Oni promised that an APC-led Federal Government would equip the Armed Forces to strengthen it to defend the territorial integrity of the nation while the Police and the Department of State Services would be empowered to deliver.

The APC stalwart said if the state police being canvassed for by a section of Nigerians is what would guarantee them security, such requests would be considered.

He expressed regret that President Goodluck Jonathan can’t differentiate between stealing and corruption which he said indicated that he is incapable of tackling corruption.


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