Retract Your Words or go to Jail- Abia Government tells Kalu

Abia State Government has given the former Governor of the state, Chief Orji Kalu, 72 hours to apologise to the state for statements credited to him. 

The former governor was quoted to have said in a published interview that “our people will burn down the state. We are ready for them.”

Kalu, who was said to be responding to a question on how he would react if his movement was restricted on the day of the forthcoming election, said, “The governor cannot try it. If he tries it, it will be the end of his administration.”

Briefing newsmen at the Government House over the matter, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Dr. Anthony Agbazuere, said, “The statements are treasonable as they connote that the former governor(Kalu) has concluded plans to wage a war against the state.

“I hope the former governor understands the implication of his statements as nobody is above the law. Kalu is gradually working himself into prison. Kalu should know that even past presidents have gone to prison.”

He condemned the alleged “reckless and unpatriotic utterances” by the ex-governor.

Agbazuere argued that Kalu ‘s grouse with incumbent Governor Theodore Orji was that Orji had dwarfed the former governor’s achievements.

He warned government’s “detractors not to take the simplicity of the incumbent Governor for granted.”

Agbazuere also cautioned politicians in the state, including the governorship candidate of the Progressive Peoples Alliance, Chikwe Udensi, against “making unguarded and reckless statements against the state or person of the Governor.”


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