MEMORISE : Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon
the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. EXODUS 20 : 12.
READ : EPHESIANS 6 : 1 – 3.
1 CHILDREN, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.
2 Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with
3 That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR : 1 KINGS 12 : 16 – 13 : 34 AND LUKE 4 : 14 – 37.

Our God is a God of reward and an excellent motivator. He gives a law, and
specifies the reward that will follow if we keep it ( Deuteronomy 28 : 1 – 2 ). In
like manner, He also indicates the punishment attached to breaking any of his
laws ( Genesis 2 : 16 – 17 ). In our Bible reading, we read about the first
commandment with a promise. Apostle Paul got the inspiration on this truth
from Exodus 20 : 12. It is unfortunate that this law of life is not being heeded
by the young folks of today. This is the reason why life expectancy is reducing.

The story was told of a young boy in a very remote part of Africa, who
respected and honoured his parents to the extent that their wish was law in his
life. One of the rules his parents gave him was that he should not eat anything
that did not come from them. “What if I was given something to eat outside,
what should I do with it?” he asked his parents. They said, “Bring it home
before you eat it.” One day, this boy went out with his friends to a
neighbouring village where they were given food packages. They had scarcely
stepped out of this village when all other boys started eating their food, which
unknown to them had been poisoned. Only this boy remembered the instructions
of his parents and refused to even open his pack. All the other boys died as soon
as they got back to their village, and he alone survived the attack. To a young
man or woman reading this devotional, I advise that you take this
commandment which has longevity as its reward very seriously.

Besides, there are two categories of parents: biological and spiritual. Parents
of both categories should be honoured ( Malachi 1 : 6 ). A believer must exhibit
this trait so that unbelieving parents will know that the best life to live is the
Christian life. God watches over His words to honour them. If you honour God
by obeying this injunction, He will keep you from evil. The problem with present
day youths is that they think they know more than older people do; hence, they
disregard their instructions, particularly those of their parents, to their own
peril. Such youths can’t seem to learn from the story of the rebellious
Absalom, who met a premature death at the prime of his life ( 2 Samuel 18 : 9 –
15 ). He was so unruly that he temporarily deposed his own father. Many
youths in Church today scheme to get their pastor out of the way so that they
can be in charge. May God salvage this generation from the spirit of rebellion
in Jesus’ Name.

Father, grant me grace to keep the first commandment with promise, even
when it’s not convenient to do so, in Jesus’ Name.


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