H2I ROCKS……….. ……. CELEBRATING A WORTHY AND EXEMPLARY LEADER – Estelle Effiom-DeSouza (a.k.a.) Glitz (Super Master)


she goes by the name Estelle Effiom-DeSouza (a.k.a.) Glitz

The world’s most successful people are known and celebrated for all different things.

Some are famous for their skills and talents, while others are distinguished for their courage or profound impact on society. without no doubt i strongly believe you are on your way to the top just like Cashflow, and others in the H2i world

But one thing many of the world’s most successful people have in common is their ability to inspire others. This you have achieved in our team “IDOT” within the short period i have known you.

I join other team members in congratulating you for your selfless, courageous, great achievement and for inspiring us.

Of course, Leadership is no longer about your position. It’s now more about your passion for excellence and making a difference You can lead without a title.  you are a worthy leader because your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.
Without no doubt, providing recognition is one of the best ways (if not the best way) to build and maintain superior performance. The reason for that is quite simple: reinforced behaviour gets repeated and that is what you are getting today from all over the world.

I on behalf of my humble self and Team Idot I welcome you to the super Master Stage. the sky is not even your limit.

Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations




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