Welcome to H2i

The core objective of Helping Hands Int’l i is to help people who are less privileged. The founder was inspired to run & achieve this objective by connecting more partners so as to reach more less privileged. Every member is therefore regarded as Help partner.


Since all NGO depend on donations, grants & philanthropist supports, the founder Mrs Luzviminda Mac- Elvis thought of changing the paradigm…This is how the idea was adopted.
Every member is require to donate $40 or #6,600 and payments are in dollars.

The job required of u is to raise funds for the company by referring two people then teach ur two to also get their two & their twos also bring twos. So long as that process of each person bringing their two continues every one will enjoy residual income for life.

When u join our vision of given a helping hand to the needy, less privilege, widow, motherless & the disabled, u become our help partner & as our partner will believe in making ur life meaningful.

H2i  touches & empowers members’ lives financially as well in these ways:
– Interest free LOAN
– Humanitarian support
– Asset/Property support service
– Trade & skill acquisition service
– Income opportunity
– A LAPTOP or an ipad
– A Brand new Hyundai Elantra car
-Yearly global pool
-House of your own
-All expenses paid trips
-Infinity Bonus
-Residual income for life
-Free educational fund for your children

When u join & refer two people & they do the same, u are paid a commission instantly in which u can cash immediately or u use it to register any of ur downlines when it accumulates to $40. Now the whole idea here is to help us all with extra cash in our pockets, residual income which has been going on since Dec 2013.‎

H2i’s Fan Club is a community of positive – minded people. A place where members are encouraged to believe in themselves & their God-given ability to succeed. It is a circle of people who believe they can make a difference in the life of others no matter how small.
You are considered a good example of a Help partner with H2i if everyone who comes around u sees a reason to aspire higher & become better. H2i feeds the poor, clothe them & house them.


Incentives load down:

Stage 1: You get $26 or $58

Stage 2: You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000), & qualify for a brand new apple Ipad worth over N130,000 & will also be given a CUG line for limitless communication.
Interestingly, achieving all this in less than 2weeks of joining is very possible depending on ur determination.

In stage 3, You earn $3000 & a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (the Latest Model) worth about N4.5m in the market now! December, this year, Nigerians will witness the 3rd car award to Nigerians by H2i.

– Also, $1000 cheque each handed over to two (2) non-members of H2i , whom u personally recommended to H2i as less privileged. This is grant; Not a loan! And it is given non-members by H2i courtesy of u.

– You also have an opportunity for an all expense Int’l exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.

Stage 4 offers opportunity to earn another cash of  $6000 & a brand new jeep worth $27,000 – the HYUNDAI ix35!. u will also be privileged to empower a less privileged home. This is a grant in Millions.

Stage 5 offers over $12,000 cash, $40,000 housing fund, an opportunity for an all expense international exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.
– The infinity bonus for life & much more.
Infact, the benefits u enjoy in H2i is enormous & can’t be exhausted.

I challenge u to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare u to give it attention! It is not just a Multi-Level Marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack & want in people’s lives.

H2i has a good number of sponsors Like GLO, Diamond Bank, Hyundai, Apple Inc, Hp etc who believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).‎ The Ipads come from Apple Inc, who are partners with H2i.

So build a solid future today by becoming a Help Partner

For more information please contact : call & whatsapp 08160143365 BBM: 55950767



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